How It Works



At Positive Press, we have a transparent three-step process that allows us to write a unique press release regarding your business and get it featured on over 100+ news sites. We aim never to overcomplicate our process and always be straightforward with our clients.

Input Information

Submit Your Information

The first part of the process is gathering the necessary information we need from you. This step is where you tell us what you want your press release to be about! We'll ask for your press release subject, keywords, URLs, and any special instructions that you have for our writing team. Once we have all of the necessary information, we'll be able to begin writing your press release.

We Write & Distribute

Once we receive all of the necessary information, our professional team of 100% US-based writers will write a high-quality press release. After you approve of the release, we'll distribute your press release to 100+ news websites that will give you and your business instant press credibility and social proof.

Writing and Distribution
Press Release Reporting

Transparent Reporting

After you've approved your press release, we'll distribute it to get featured on hundreds of high-quality, real news websites. Once we've completed the distribution process, we deliver a distribution report in about 7-10 days after your press release is approved. And, you may even continue to see even more links come in for months afterward, depending on if your release gets picked up by other sites.