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Hello, we're Positive Press!

We are a global online press release writing and distribution company that helps you gain internet exposure and credibility by getting your business featured on 100+ news websites. Our mission is to help our clients gain public recognition for the great work their business is doing. By generating online press, you're also supporting your website's SEO efforts by acquiring more backlinks to your website. For years, we've helped entrepreneurs and businesses get the acknowledgment they deserve.


We'll get you in the news.

When we distribute your press release to 100+ news websites, we'll get you placed on affiliate sites of ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA TODAY, and more! Once your press release has run, you can add these logos to your website, which will give you massive credibility and social proof. When potential clients see these logos, they instantly associate trust with your company.

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We love press...really!

Who doesn't love seeing theirs or their business's name featured in the news? Everyone does! Not everyone has the resources or connections to get featured on credible news websites, but we do! We've built relationships with many news sites that are happy to accept quality press releases from our team, from years of networking.

"Working with Positive Press is always great. We've been able to get feature in top news placements across the internet many times, thanks to them. Without their help, we'd have no idea how to write a press release, when to write one, and how to get on these awesome websites. By adding logos like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC, we've seen a 33% increase in our organic leads! By having these logos, clients associate more credibility to our company and want to work with us. I'd recommend to any entrepreneur or business owner to work with Positive Press to get featured in the news. They have been an incredible find!"


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